Draft Charge

NOTE: this is a transcription of a document I received only in paper form.

CLIC Consultant 4/1/08

The Executive Committee met this morning and discussed the charge to a consultant.

The Executive Committee endorses the hiring of a consultant to help CLIC strategically plan the future.

Strategic planning process purpose:

  1. Help guide CLIC in the exploration of new technology in relation to the ILS and meeting our constituencies’ needs, not excluding how we can leverage our investment in the current ILS system going into the future.

  2. Explore organizational options that will serve CLIC in the future that balance consortium tensions e.g. centralization vs decentralization, local vs centralized control, etc. Identify skill sets needed in the future on the part of Library and LCIC staff.

  3. Identify funding models that optimize our investment in technology that serves CLIC libraries.

We view this as a short term contract — six months.