Computers are magic wands that work. My wand of choice has been the Macintosh for as long as there has been a Macintosh. Well, OK, there was the brief glory of NeXT, but even that stream is woven into today’s Mac. It is my tool of choice, it is my toy of choice. Of course, from time to time I have to get a new Mac and set things up all over again. I like to start from scratch now and then and see what tools really become essential to my work and play. This list is here to help me remember what I’ve found useful, it is amazing how easy this is to forget!

Mactracker . ManOpen . MT-NewsWatcher . OmniGraffle . PDFLab . 1001 . Gizmo . Vienna . Soulver . TextWrangler . VLC . VuScan TVShows. AirMoose .