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How’s this for a title:

Balanced on the Bleeding Edge

A brief description of this:

An exploration of having fun adopting the tools that lie around the corner.

The session following:

Exploring in more depth, though demonstrations and Q & A, some of the ways new tools in “the cloud” can challenge your boundaries and help you glimpse the future. An open-ended conversation with our keynote speaker.


The keynote should be without technology.

How personal could it be? How could it be an exploration of giving away privacy in real life? Hand out pieces of my soul.

Wander the crowd, give away bits and pieces.

My mothers maiden name. My first pet. 25 random things.

Make it poetry. Make myself cry. Make them cry.

Dance like Matt around the world.

Open myself. Scare myself. What does the cloud look like if you bring it into a room. Is is so different if it is distributed out there.

Use music. Bring a boom box with a tape. Yes: tape.