Some tree possibilities for Noelle and Jon’s wedding. You can click the images to make them larger.

Some trees

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Note that 10-14 are from and would cost more to use. Also 5-9 are probably still under copyright protection, so we’d need to redraw in some significant fashion.

Wedding card


Both like

1 5 7 11 16

Doodling a few more

17 18 19 plus a few more from years past on Flickr.

Working on Number 1

I like number 1 best too, so that’s what I’ve been playing with. I found another version of this tree (1a1a) that I drew a few years ago, a version with more asymmetry, which Jon and Noelle also seem to like. I tried to add some color, to make it less wintery (1a1b). This didn’t feel lively enough, so I tried something a bit different (1a1e). And finally, something green (1a1f). Click any of these for larger versions.

1a1a 1a1b 1a1e 1a1f

Working on Number 20b

More leaves, fewer roots, based on 437 in the flickr pile. This tree may do the trick (20b1a), plus it has three water drops. We’ll try it in green (20b1b), three colors (20b1c), with flickr photos (20b1d), and with my photos from number 1 above (20b1e).

20b1a 20b1b 20b1c 20b1d 20b1e

After completing this I noticed that 427 and 437 are different trees and that Noelle and Jon were suggesting that the larger leaves of 427 are what defines “lush”. Ah. I think I get it now. Too late to fix this now, but if larger leaves are still a desire, I have an idea of how to accomplish this. We’ll find out. Here are both of them for comparison.

427 437

Some Cards with Number 20

These are four card ideas using number 20 (437). With heart or not, and green or collage. Sorry, the PDFs are for 8.5x11 pages, the cards would be smaller, of course!

Noelle and I spent some time working on this together. The cards above were too centered and predictable for her taste, so we pulled the text out from under the tree. Take a look at these versions in green, color, and nighttime.

Working on Number 20c

Larger leaves, this is the 437 tree with some 427ish leaves. This tree may do the trick (20c1a). We’ll try it in green (20b1b), and with flickr photos (20b1d). You can also take a look at this more direct comparison between 427 and 437.

20c1a 20c1b 20c1d