For Travelers

When Travelers inspected our house in summer 2009 they found that some trees were touching the house and the garage was in bad shape. They asked us to fix these things, which we did by mid-September 2009, and document this before the end of October 2009. These photographs are the documentation. Feel free to click on any of these photos for a larger version.


Travelers was concerned that some trees were touching the house. While we could not actually find evidence of trees touching the house, we did trim some branches back and took pictures to make it clear that trees were not touching.

The sky in the first picture makes it clear that there is room between the house and the trees.

These three pictures are taken from a skylight in the roof, again making it clear that the branches do not touch the house.

Finally, the neighbor’s crabapple tree in front has been trimmed a bit to ensure it does not touch the house.


Our garages was in rough shape. The windows on the alley side were broken and the garage had a hole in the roof on the east side. All that has been fixed. To tell the truth, I kind of like the run-down look since it discouraged theft, but we made it shiny-new looking for Travelers anyway.

The hole in the east roof is now fixed. The east side roof is fine, in fact the whole roof was re-shingled. You can see the patch from the inside that repaired the hole.

The doors on the alley have been replaced with new doors that don’t have any windows to break.

As you can see, the garage also has no trees touching it after some trimming done this summer.