Stolen Bikes

[We have learned that some media outlets may be interested in this story. Please do not use our names if you run the story. Alex is actually more interested in maintaining privacy than recovering this bike. Feel free to try and contact me (Eric) at 651-323-2009 for updates or to verify facts. These notes were written to get the facts in one place to share with the SPPD, not really for any further distribution. Thanks!]

Somewhere between 15 September 2009 and 18 October 2009 our bikes were stolen from our garage. Our garage was repaired on Labor Day weekend, the work finished on 8 September 2009. I moved our stuff back into it on the weekend of 12 September, and Mary practiced parking the car in there that week. I know the bikes were out there that week. Mary says she looked in the windows and did not notice Alex’s bike missing since the last time she took out the trash on 8 October 2009. So the bikes may have been stolen any time since 15 September, but more likely since 8 October 2009. This has been given case number 09-223-512 by the Saint Paul Police department.

Two bikes were stolen…

Mary’s bike

Mary had a dark grey bike.

Brand: Shogun

License: Bexley, OH though we don’t recall the number

Style: 10-speed style road bike, medium tires

Add ons: red panniers, black kryptonite lock

Purchase price: $500 in 1989, though it would cost way more to replace it today

Alex’s bike

Alex had a bright red adult tricycle with special adaptation for his right-sided-hemiparesis.

Brand: Sun Bicycles, model EZ-3sx

License: none, though the adaptations should be unique

Style: three speed recumbent tricycle

Add ons: special individually adjustable handlebars, special cage and strap for right foot, turn signal attached to fabric “awning” over the seat, basket on the back

Purchase price: estimated over $1200 in 2004 (a stock EZ-3 costs over $800 today)

Pictures of Alex’s bike below.