Feature: Community

What are the community options and requirements of each product?

Notes below about CheckThis, Marquee, Medium, Smore, and Tackk.


Using getsatisfaction for support and feature requests. GetSatisfaction is a nice way to build a community around motivated users of your system, and you can see some of that emerging in the CheckThis forum. For example, the custom URL feature was the top community request and finally implemented by CheckThis this summer.

Comments are used as the entry into the community. Users are tracked by how many comments they leave and discussions of posters are shared across (presumably public) posters on the site. This functionality is “Powered by Disqus”. A nice example of this discussion-driven community can be seen on a poster about the visit of the Belgian Prime Minister.


Marquee does add a large “powered by Marquee” footer to any page created with Marquee. This footer shows metadata for the page, its title, creation date, and information from the profile of the creator. It includes a “see more” button which will go to the creators profile page, but no commenting or social options.

No global catalog of Marquee pages is available yet.


So far, Twitter is required to join the community. Other than Twitter login, though, very little connection. One can click on “Love It” buttons (I guess “Like” was not enough for Medium), but on many posts no comment beyond even that is allowed.


The comments feature added to the bottom of flyers when they are published seems to be exclusively a tie-in of Facebook posts using the Facebook social plugin.


The floating “editor” window includes a “features” section which allows the user to choose whether or not contact or comments blocks appear in the tackk.

Comments on tackks are facilitated via Facebook.


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At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for potsnig!

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