EFC's issues with Tackk

Here are some notes on issues I’ve had using Tackk that I eventually want to share with the team…


Make it more personal, not just “Tackk Admin” responding. You can build a strong community of devotees on tools like this if you help them feel like part of the team. Letting them know your name and become familiar with your skills and personality is part of the feedback loop that builds a stronger community.


My cwc Tackk is marked tackkboard OFF, yet it shows up in the popular side of the tackkboard. This feels like a breech of the agreement to keep me off the tackkboard.

What’s important?

Tackk seems to think it is more important than my content. Look at how Tackks are presented in Google Alerts, for example:

feliz día del docente - Tackk
No Login Required. You do not need to register to create and publish a
Tackk. Simply design & share instantly. No Need to Save. We save your edits
after each ...

Email address on iPhone

The login form should mark the email address field “type=email” so that the right keyboard and capitalization defaults are used on the iPhone (and other devices). See this post for more info.

Preview? Really?

Confusing that the editing version is not the final version. Why preview? Things also disappear in preview, requiring the “some stuff didn’t show up” message. Why not just have default content show up unless it is deleted?