What might we measure?

These are some ideas of what we might measure.


  • sign-up/in experience (i.e. account requirements & communications, including frequency of email/calltoaction communication)
  • general functionality & features
  • customization of editing tools (i.e. pick your color/font vs locked in choices, etc)
  • sharing features
  • community options, requirements
  • publishing of tacks, smokes, checkthis’s, etc on their own site — how is it done (auto vs curated), how are they tagged, categorized, presented, etc
  • public vs private rules
  • general language — how are they describing themselves
  • what is the experience like on mobile browsers


  • possibly consider tracking news on key competitors (though I believe onsite & user interations/communications is really the key area of focus)
  • identify & understand anything (especially built in dynamics) which force or facilitate viral sharing
  • uptake, size of the community