Who else is out there?

Who are we? I created a notes page for Tackk so that it would be easier to compare Tackk to some competitors.

  • Tackk: place your title here.

These are some of the other players in Tackk’s market. Each of these has a notes page, found by clicking the links below.

  • CheckThis: what do you want to do?
  • Medium: your text here.
  • Smore: design beautiful online flyers and publish instantly.
  • Marquee: web publishing reimagined.

Then there are an even wider set of players doing things we could learn from, even if they don’t seem to be direct Tackk competitors. I have not gathered notes on these yet, so the links just lead to the sites in question.

  • About.me: a personal page that’s all about you.
  • Branch: a new way to talk to each other.
  • Canv.as: remix your world.
  • Flyerlizard: create, share, print.
  • Glogster: visual network.
  • Jux: simply the best showcase for your content.
  • New Hive: join the party, express yourself.
  • Onepager: build a beautiful simple website for your small business.
  • Pen.io: publish a beautiful page in seconds.
  • Tumblr: follow the world’s creators.
  • Weebly: the easiest way to create a website.
  • Yapp: app yourself.
  • Zapd: Social websites in 60 seconds from your iPhone.