Brief Bio for Eric Celeste

This bio is for conferences and such that need a few words about me. Feel free to use what you need or ask for something else. If you’d like to know way too much about what I’ve been up to, feel free to check out this PDF of my CV.

Eric believes in the value of shared resources, whether books or people, source code or scientific papers, and that our society grows stronger when we draw on the ideas and talents of one another. Eric brings over 20 years of library and 30 years of technology experience to his consulting. At MIT Eric shepherded the creation of DSpace, open source digital repository management software developed with HP and now deployed at hundreds of institutions worldwide. At the University of Minnesota Libraries he encouraged the development of the UThink blog service and the University Digital Conservancy. Recently he has served as the technical lead for SHARE, a project of the ARL, AAU, and APLU to facilitate access, preservation, and reuse of research output. He has also worked with the Minnesota Digital Library, the Digital Library Federation, and several other non-profit institutions.

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