It’s the little things

/ 27 February 2008

I’ve been so impressed by the Obama campaign, at every level. From the beautiful website that hardly lets you pass go until you’ve signed up for the team, to the typeface they use, to the logo and the other artists who join forces even if they are not part of the paid staff.

But most impressive has been the way Obama uses language to draw each of us into the movement that is rising around him. In his articulation of the campaign it is rarely about him, it is about us. He talks of “this campaign” and what “we” can do.

Today Bob Harris caught another example of this attention to the little things that make such a big difference in the Obama campaign.

… the ad begins with “[i]f you are ready for change” — so that everything that follows is conditional: it’s you, not Obama, who is ultimately responsible for the future. If you don’t vote for Obama, the continuing mess is your own fault. But if you do — “[t]heir days of setting the agenda are over.”

I know the campaign will stumble and this won’t be easy, but right now these folks sure make it look simple and full of grace.

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