LGBT Obama

/ 28 February 2008

How proud can I be of this moment in US history? Mary and I joke sometimes about our track records, we’ve supported mostly losers for the presidency and it is hard to believe that someone so right for the office might actually win. But for this moment I need to bask in the possibility, let the dream sink in, let it maybe motivate me to make some phone calls into my home state of Ohio.

My sister passed along this wonderful letter Obama wrote to the GLBT community.

I thought I’d share this email I got from my friend Patrick Shepherd, founder of the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats. I have to say, I’ve gotten nothing short of AMAZING online campaigning from Obama–down to the interpretations of his logo as you’ll note on this ad or in the Million Doors campaign that launches tomorrow and the ad that tags me when I play Scrabulous.

It came along with this ad. Another bit of beautiful design by the Obama campaign.

Who is their designer anyway? I’d love to know. Clearly somebody is paying attention to the small details that weave a seamless tapestry. I wonder who that is and I thank Barack and this campaign for clearly giving them the authority to make beauty a priority.

I did notice the LGBT version of the Obama logo has evolved a bit. I like the older version too, so here they both are, old and new, for the record.

BT18061-2T.jpg       lgbt-logo2.png

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