Who demonstrates more can-do?

/ 29 February 2008

Clinton keeps saying that she will be ready to go “day one.” Check out this ad that tries to make that point through fear-mongering. And yet, at every turn her campaign has been out-hussled and out-organized by Obama. While Clinton whines about the rules in Texas and threatens a lawsuit to cast doubt on results that are not even in yet, Obama just keeps working away. Who shows more can-do spirit? Who do you want answering the red phone? I’d rather someone who shows they can get organized in a jiffy, stay smart under pressure, and bring people together toward common goals. That person is Barack Obama!

Update: It seems that the Obama campaign responded to the ringing telephone ad within a day. That’s responsiveness! A good sign for the general election if the Obama team is fending off Republican attacks. My question as a librarian: what about the reuse of the same images? Was the Clinton team using stock footage that the Obama team could also license? Or did the Obama team just lift the Clinton footage? It seams that this kind of reuse should be allowable, but I doubt any of these ads are release under Creative Commons licenses. This is an interesting YouTube-ification of the ad wars, it feels a lot like the kind of reuse the net generation is used to.

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