Tagging Obama

/ 19 March 2008

On techPresident you can find a piece that compares the top fifty words used in Obama’s speech yesterday to the top fifty words used in mainstream media responses. Micah at techPresident asks:

Are we still living in the age of sound-bite politics, where the sharp attack line, even taken out of context, can become the “truth” of an event or a person thanks to the amplifying and distorting effects of broadcast media? Or are we entering the age of sound-blast politics, where a 37-minute speech can actually be watched, read, and digested by millions of people (a million views already on YouTube!) using the abundant spaces of the internet–and the themes and meanings they encounter and absorb will be not about the “politics” of a speech, but its actual content?

Note, YouTube only counts a beginning to end viewing as a “view”. 1,230,086 of those when I posted this entry.

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