Multitasking mini-me

/ 24 March 2008

I see this in my youngest son.

Grunwald surveyed 1,277 kids and young adults between 9 and 17, 1,039 parents, and 250 school districts across the US. 64 percent of those surveyed told the consulting firm that they go online as they watch TV, and almost three-quarters of that group (73 percent) said they considered themselves to be actively multitasking when they’re watching TV and using the ‘Net at the same time. 42 percent reported that their attention is split between the TV and Internet equally, while another 47 percent said that once they start using the computer, the Internet becomes the focus of their attention.

In fact, my son hardly watches “TV” any more. He’d much rather borrow my computer and watch the shows online at hulu or joost.

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