Vectors Gallery

/ 9 April 2008

Closing out CNI yesterday, Tara McPherson described the founding, mission, and outcomes of the journal Vectors based at USC. She sees Vectors as an expression of “multimodal humanities,” a new way of using technology to allow humanities scholars to reach past the surface of screen, manipulating the data of their argument into engaging presentations that have as much in common with the video game as they do with the traditional journal article. Vectors strives to publish only what could not possibly be published in print.

From the first screen it draws the reader into unaccustomed involvement with the “text”. Take some time for a of the gallery of articles at Vector.

A few to check out: Public Secrets shares the voices of incarcerated women and those around them, WiFi.Bedouin suggests you insert wireless signals into unexpected places, and The Stolen Time Archive immerses you in an archive of text worker artifacts.

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