Why don’t Democrats stop the war?

/ 17 May 2008

This week I got this question from an acquaintance: “The Democrats are refusing to stop the war. Do you understand that??????” Its a variation on a theme I sometimes spew myself. While I do think the D’s could have done a lot more to make the kind of fuss this war deserves, it is important to understand one thing: the Democrats don’t hold a majority on the war.

The D’s hold the Senate by one: 50 to 49. One D has been out of commission for this whole past session since they took the majority (Sen. Johnson, South Dakota): 49 to 49. The one “independent” in the Senate, Leiberman of Connecticut, sides with the R’s on the war: 49 to 50. That’s the deadlock we’ve all been in for the past two years, since the D’s “took control”.

Combine that minority position with their spinelessness, you get continued funding. I note the House finally dared to oppose a funding bill this week. High time. Of course, it won’t get through the Senate this way and that will bring the funding back in conference.

The D’s need a clearer majority in the Senate to make anything happen on the war. With luck and hard work that will be forthcoming in the fall: vote Democrat! With even more luck and hard work we’ll elect a president who will work with this new majority to end this fiasco: vote Obama!

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