Now we don’t have a choice

/ 8 June 2008

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work on a few campaigns, and I’ve loved them. The tone of this video is so intimate and so authentic that it is easy to recognize as “real,” whatever real is. In Saint Paul we saw the public kickoff of a new campaign, but this is the real kickoff. This team and the work they are doing is in my prayers. Their candidate, our candidate, is extraordinarily gifted, but we win because he is not alone. We win because we have a team like this. We win only if we each play our part on this team. And we have no choice but to win.

(hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)

One further thought… At one point Obama says that he was not sure he could be the best candidate, but he was sure they could build the best organization. That’s the heart of my reason for supporting this campaign. I believe this is not just about building a good campaign, but it is about building good government. After the demoralizing success the Bush administration has had demolishing the federal government, I think we have to have someone like Obama who is focussed on rebuilding it. There is potential to make something great out of the Bush housecleaning.

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