Beyond JavaScript

/ 17 June 2008

Take note, the world of web is shifting. In a fascinating “strategy letter” written last year, Joel Spolsky presented the past and future of programming environments as applied to web applications. He postulated a “NewSDK” would rise that wraps JavaScript into a neat package of standardized UI and interoperable applications.

Now look at MobileMe. Aside from the wretched name and graphical identity (really, Apple did this?), this new version of .Mac has a lot going for it. These apps will be amazing. Just wait, you’ll see. Or don’t wait, go over to the SproutCore page and try their photo manager demo. It is said that Apple built MobileMe on a SproutCore foundation.

SproutCore is just one contender for Joel’s NewSDK. We’ve got a long way to go to get to a full blown SDK (SproutCore development requires quite a bit of command-line tango still), but the advantages start to become clearer. And SproutCore is not the only player. Also keep an eye on Objective-J from 280 North. Their 280 Slides begins to light the way.

Building web applications is about to get a whole lot easier and the apps will become a whole lot more compelling. Can you feel the tension? Which way should we jump? Flash? AJAX? Think fast!

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