Knowing ourselves and each other

/ 29 June 2008

How much can we learn about each other on Facebook? It turns out, quite a bit!

The findings, in a nutshell, are:

  • People get each other;
SNW profile owners are generally seen by others as they see themselves (i.e. impression agreement was substantial)    * _People on Facebook get each other;_
Impression agreement was associated with context (agreement was stronger on the basis of Facebook profiles than on YouJustGetMe profiles)    * _Women are better guessers and easier to guess than men (random assignment);_
within the context in which raters were judging unknown targets (i.e., YouJustGetMe profiles), women were better raters than men and were rated with higher levels of agreement than men    * _Some profile elements provide better clues than others;_
several specific elements of the profiles were associated with increased or diminished levels of impression agreement. 


One of the [other] interesting findings that David revealed was that Facebook reveals more about agreeableness and neuroticism than face-to-face encounters.

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