Feeling Down

/ 21 August 2008

I don’t know, maybe it’s Nathaniel’s pneumonia, maybe it’s Obama’s polls, maybe it is just the sticky part of August without air conditioning. In any case, I’ve been feeling a bit down and grumpy these days.

The polls are a funny one. Obama has been riding so high and my fear is that this would actually take the wind out of his sails. His wind is a grassroots movement that has worked for change and sees him as representative of that change. Too far ahead in the polls, and they might relax.

Well, not a problem any more. With the polls tightening, and even reversing in some cases, I think the core Obama crowd will be motivated this Fall. Only the convention nonsense to get through, then we’ll see where we really stand. Electing Obama will be difficult. He’s a young black man. There will be a lot of itchy fingers in the voting booth. I hope everyone who is not already working hard for Obama is charging their batteries for a real push in the last 60 days.

Today’s stumble by McCain was a reminder to me. How many houses?

Can we be so afraid that we let someone this out of touch into the white house? Again?

I really don’t think so. I think we will win this one. I’m just anxious about the battle to get to that finish line and hope we have some of our ideals intact when we get there.


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