/ 28 August 2008

Yesterday I fretted about the poor design of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Today a story in the NYT explains:

Mr. Obama’s aides had hoped to upend the traditional convention style. But the prolonged primary fight with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton left the convention in the hands of the party’s career planners. Their flashy stage design, which has been likened to an arcade, had none of the look or feel of the more spare style of the Obama brand.

None of the look and feel for sure. Where did the idea of moving the final night to Invesco come from?

Peter Gage, one of the Obama planners, said he studied photographs of Kennedy’s speech at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the only other such address to be held in an outdoor stadium in the modern television era. Mr. Gage said the circular stage in Denver was inspired by Kennedy’s.


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