Refusing the call

/ 27 October 2008

A mother reports that her daughter walked out on her job at an Indiana call center rather than make slime calls for the McCain campaign.

A second worker at the call center confirmed the episode, saying that “at least 30” workers had walked out after refusing to read the script.

“We were asked to read something saying [Obama and Democrats] were against protecting children from danger,” this worker said. “I wouldn’t do it. A lot of people left. They thought it was disgusting.”

This worker, too, confirmed sacrificing pay to walk out, saying her supervisor told her: “If you don’t wanna phone it you can just go home for the day.”

The Talking Points Memo has the full story.

All I can say is: wow. These folks are not making a whole lot of money in the first place, and to give that up for an ethical concern… that’s just magnificent. I think the mom can be very proud and I hope more McCain workers recognize the dirtiness of the muck they are being asked to spread.

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