Give Thanks

/ 28 November 2008

I am thankful that we may have an administration that pulls the United States back from the Orwellian darkness we have sunk into. Here is, in full, the official written statement we, the United States of America, gave to one Guantanamo detainee after four years of incarceration:

An Administrative Review Board has reviewed the information about you that was talked about at the meeting on 02 December 2005 and the deciding official in the United States has made a decision about what will happen to you. You will be sent to the country of Afghanistan. Your departure will occur as soon as possible.

Just read that language. Doesn’t “deciding official” make you gasp? Who to blame? Who takes responsibility? A land of cowards we turn out to be.

Scott Horton brings us the full story. I am thankful, too, for Scott. Though he is not blogging as much as he once did, he still keeps a vigilant eye on our government and calls it to account.

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