Bennet for Senate

/ 2 January 2009

One of my disappointments as Obama assembled his cabinet was that Michael Bennet was not selected to become Secretary of Education. Michael is currently the superintendent of Denver Public Schools, but my memories are of playing poolside with Michael and his brother James at May 30th reunions in Essex, Connecticut.

These reunions were actually our parents’ generation gathering around Chet Bowles, with whom many of them had served when he was ambassador to India. Actually, many of those gathered dated back even futher, having worked with Chet at the Office of Price Administration under FDR or when he was Governor of Connecticut or in India for his first tour as Ambassador. Chet, terribly impaired by Parkinson’s, kept an acute eye on the proceedings, every once in a while sharing his thoughts through a megaphone-like tube that amplified his halting whispers. I loved those weekends, and loved the May 30th friends we made.

Michael’s dad, Doug Bennet, was President of NPR for a while. He invited me to watch All Things Considered once while I was in Washington. Doug went on to become president of Wesleyan University, and my own father later became Ambassador to India and then president of Colorado College. Those May 30th connections seemed alive with Chet’s spirit.

Today I learned that Michael is likely to be appointed US Senator from Colorado. If so, he will become the youngest member of the Senate at 44. I am disappointed no longer! I can’t imagine a more qualified person to take up such a responsibility, Michael is full of great ideas and a love of public service. All I can see is Chet smiling and nodding. I think he would be very proud of his May 30th friends and what they continue to accomplish for this country.

Michael Bennet

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