A little spark

/ 2 February 2009

This video arrested me today.

With the horrors of the news from Gaza and Israel, I desperately want this video to be a message of peace and hope. It certainly surfs the change meme and Obama’s image (it was even released on 1/20/09). But I can’t understand all of the lyric and what I find about the artists Y-Love and DeScribe does not lead me to expect the message is quite so sunny. (DeScribe writes, for example: “War happens when both sides can’t resolve their issues by talking peacefully – I stand with my brothers in arms.”)

Still, this is a wonderful mix of jewish and black culture. That is enough to celebrate. It also makes a point about technology that I appreciate, “new world… advanced technology… can you feel the engergy… its real dark we just need a little spark.”

Oddly, this came to my attention via a Mac site excited by the presence of MacBooks in the video. Kind of misses the forest for the trees, huh?

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