Gearing up for a fight

/ 2 March 2009

Obama’s budget is far from a perfect document. But I love that it is setting a high bar and unafraid of a dustup with insurers. Take a look at how Obama is positioning himself for this fight:

I am afraid that the Obama plan for health care is way less than we need, perhaps even a move in the wrong direction. It focusses on “affordable coverage” rather than health care as a right. I fear that those providing the coverage, insurance companies, are themselves the problem. A plan which moves more people into their clutches is a move in the wrong direction. On the other hand, I think the Obama plan also calls for a government-based option, similar to the coverage provided to Congress, that would compete with private insurers. If this is part of the solution that comes out of the sausage grinder this year, then we will be moving in the right direction. Over time, that government plan will either edge out private plans or challenge them to change in ways that benefit us all.

In any case, it is good to see our president working for us and ready to take on the big bad wolf. We better all be ready to help, to push, to support this effort in every way we can.

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