Feel the love

/ 5 March 2009

Where the Bush Administration set out to demoralize and destroy, the Obama Administration is hard at work encouraging and building. I believe the real goal of Cheney and the Bush gang was to destroy the federal government. Everything from the mess at Justice to the hiring of mercenary soldiers makes sense in this framework. They really wanted the government to be so dysfunctional that no future administration could effectively subordinate “business” power in the future. Business first. Government out of the way.

Today the Christian Science Monitor covers the excitement of workers in federal agencies about the visits Michelle Obama is making as she settles into Washington. It seems some are surprised that Michelle is experiencing such a positive reception. I am not surprised at all, having heard Michelle a couple times myself. I know what she is giving them: Love. Mom-in-chief indeed. Michelle is telling them that the work they do is critical, that their president appreciates their dedication, that the change ahead includes a large dose of respect for what government, and these workers, can do. This crowd is so thirsty for affirmation, they are soaking it up and returning it tenfold. Look at the handsigns in this picture from the Monitor.


Hand on heart, that’s a real pledge of allegiance for you. And the response, pure love. Know hope.

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