Patriots for secession

/ 6 May 2009

As a Democrat, I get used to being called an American-hating liberal. Though I don’t feel unpatriotic, I’ve somehow internalized a sense that conservatives must somehow love America more than I do.

Today some Daily Kos polling data calls the question:

Would you approve or disapprove of the state that you live in leaving the United States?

Approve Disapprove Unsure
All         4       82       14 
Dem         2       95        3 
Rep         9       63       28 
Ind         3       83       14 

Aren’t sure? There’s a debate as to whether leaving the US is good or bad? Is their love of America so shallow, so skin deep, that leaving the country is even an option?

Even in the depths of the Bush Administration I never felt Minnesota should leave the USA. I did feel Minnesota should help change the USA!


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