Airport reading

/ 25 August 2010

My favorite airport is Amsterdam’s Schiphol (convenient since many flights to Europe from MSP transfer in Schiphol). Last time I was there I even spent the night, due to an awkward transfer on my return from Austria. I noticed quite a bit of construction near the museum (yes, there is a museum at the airport). Little did I know this was the installation of a library!

Hat tip to Lorcan for the news that Schiphol has become the first airport sporting a permanent public library. Most of the collection will be in English and won’t circulate. However, it sounds like there will be a way to take something on the plane with you: downloads!

As an Apple fanboy, I am also interested to see that the public computers at this library are iPads! I love the little stands they’ve created. I wonder how long it may take US libraries to realize that an iPad could make a pretty snazzy and durable public kiosk machine?

Now I just need another excuse to fly through Schiphol. How about iPres 2010? Anyone want to send me?


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