I don’t want a tax cut!

/ 30 September 2010

My family is middle class, well below the $250k earner limit. I am disappointed that the President is considering anything other than letting the Bush tax cuts simply expire.

Just let them go, even if it raises my taxes.

We should not get bullied by the Republicans and Tea Party into extending this Bush era disaster. If the Democrats can’t pass the President’s compromise then they should do nothing. Let the these cuts expire. That’s why there was an expiration date on them in the first place.

Please, Democrats, stand up for government. We can do together all the things we can’t do alone. But we can only do these things if we properly fund government. Bush and the Republicans have been doing everything they could to destroy our government. Don’t let them win. Fight for the funding a government of, by, and for the people deserves!

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