TotD: 20110118

/ 18 January 2011
  • Wonderful neighbors have all moved their cars. Now let's hope the plows do their job today… To the curb! ->
  • Make sure our Senate reforms the filibuster, …make them talk …no more anonymous cowardice #fixthesenate ->
  • @amyewest use evernote now and then, love the audio recording on iPad, love the OCR of images for search, but I use dropbox more for notes in reply to amyewest ->
  • @amyewest evernote does OCR on any image back at server side, then makes OCR'd text available to all clients for search in reply to amyewest ->
  • @ldfs just add a "snapshot" but note focus must be good, success with my Nexus 1 and iPhone4, not so much with iPhone3G in reply to ldfs ->
  • does look very interesting (thanks, Amy). Anyone have much experience with it? ->
  • RIP Sargent Shriver… …first director of the Peace Corps (and so much more). ->
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