Setting up tweets of the week

/ 24 January 2011

Some of you may have noticed, or been annoyed by, the TotD posts on my blog. I’ve slowly become more of a twitterer than a blogger. I find that I often tweet something brief just to remember it myself. Unfortunately, Twitter does not remember, or at least makes it awfully hard to recall. Many of my early tweets can only be recovered by paging through lots of cruft on their site.

Since I have my own blog I decided, earlier this month, to make sure my tweets also landed in my blog to be saved “for the record” as it were. This also means that I can do one search on my blog and find an idea whether I expressed it in a tweet or a blog posting. That’s what the TotD stuff was about. I used Twitter Digest (a WordPress plugin) to query Twitter every day and put together an automatic blog post of all my tweets. Sweet!

Only, I got annoyed. It turns out once a day was way too frequent for the amount of tweeting and blogging I do. So today I changed the settings of Twitter Digest to try a once-a-week format instead. Ironically, some fine tuning of that lead to a few extra posts. But I think it is set now. Instead of the daily tweets, a post should be generated once a week with all my tweets.

Oh, and also for the record, most of my Facebook updates are also generated from Twitter. I either post with TweetDeck for the desktop (I wish they’d fix their iPad app) or using the #fb hashtag and the Selective Tweets Facebook app from just about anywhere else.

I’m sure that is all way more information than you needed!


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