Tweets of the Week

/ 22 November 2012
  • @ediblestories websites have been down for over two hours… any ETA on return? 2012-11-16
  • I don't think I could be confirmed in today's Catholic Church either. Would I want to be? Do I want to be? #fb 2012-11-17
  • @atebits yes, someone reads those… 🙂 2012-11-17
  • @atebits please investigate landscape bug… E.g. Keyboard comes in from side on friend request, os thinks landscape game is portrait. 2012-11-17
  • Beware: @lifetimefitness makes it a practice to charge credit card without any receipt or notice, then refuse refunds of stealth charges. 2012-11-17
  • Surprised at how much I enjoyed Wreck it Ralph! I love that Pixar is rubbing off on Disney. 2012-11-18
  • Yes! Amy is on board. Reform the filibuster: Sign this petition. (Al, we are still waiting for you.) 2012-11-19
  • Awesome book scanner… scan a novel in 60 seconds. Here we go… 2012-11-20
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