Sharpening my lawnmower’s teeth

/ 25 July 2018

I have a GreenWorks dual blade mower (model 25302) that I really like. I’ve had it for a few years and decided it was time to sharpen it’s blades. On page 25 of the manual it had instructions for removing the blades that turned out to be completely contrary to the procedure needed.

While the manual incorrectly states that I should loosen Blade I with a clockwise turn of the wrench and Blade II with a counter-clockwise turn, the markings on the blades of my mower indicated the opposite. I consulted with GreenWorks support and they confirmed that I should heed the engraving on the blades and ignore the manual.

Indeed, the correct procedure was to loosen Blade I with a counter-clockwise turn of the wrench and Blade II with a clockwise turn.

Maybe they will correct the manual, maybe not. Bottom line: check for engraving on your blades before you put too much elbow grease into turning either direction.

Model 25302 Cover Model 25302 Page 25

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