Feature: Publishing

When publishing tackks, flyers, posters, etc on their own site, how is it done (auto vs curated), how are they tagged, categorized, presented?

Notes below about CheckThis, Marquee, Medium, Smore, and Tackk.


PreferencesEach poster gets a URL that is a short random identifier after the

http://checkthis.com base. For example: http://checkthis.com/3s2e. However, the user can customize this identifier, see http://checkthis.com/mickey for example. This customization is in the preferences popup in edit mode.


Published PagePages are published with a human readable URL: “

http://marquee.by/efctesting/minnesota-prairie/” for example. This can be sensibly reduced to “http://marquee.by/efctesting/” and retrieve all the Marquee pages for a single user. This makes turns each user into the first layer of curation.


FinishedYou can finish editing the “your text here” title, but the page that results, while beautiful, is ephemeral. They don’t seem to keep it around at all.

Even the homepage “isn’t ready yet” and neither is any list of collections. You can only find them through links into them here or there.


Published flyerAlthough in the settings an option is given to provide a host name for the page (which then requires setting DNS name servers properly), there is no option to create a vanity URL at smore.com. The URL created is a combination of semantic-free id and semantic-ladden title of your flyer, as in:

http://www.smore.com/n7mj-minnesota-prairie. The title portion can be left off for a shorter URL: http://www.smore.com/n7mj.

Surprisingly, after the heavy front-page pitch for analytics, the only analytics offer actually made for flyers is that Smore allows you to type in your Google Analytics code so that your flyer will be tracked by your own Google analytics account.


Each Tackk gets a short URL that is defined from the start of editing, for example: http://tackk.com/pu7v3i. However, the user can edit that URL in the Tackk bar at the top of the screen to create a vanity URL such as: http://tackk.com/bbob. The vanity URL will then replace the short URL in any presentation of the tackk, however, the short URL will continue to resolve to the tackk as well.

Tackks are, by default, published to a Tackkboard, though users can opt out of this publication.

The Tackkboard can be viewed by clicking on a “Browse Tackkboard” option from any published tackk. It presents a seemingly unordered set of “featured tackks” in a matrix.


You are welcome to edit this page if you have the password. You can also choose to just leave a comment below, if you like.

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