War Crimes

/ 29 February 2008

Let me go on the record as someone who supports not only the impeachment of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, but also their trial on war crimes charges even after they leave office. America claimed that we could police our own war criminals when we refused to cede any authority to the World Court, we need to demonstrate that readiness or join the world in giving an outside organization the authority to do so. Bush and Cheney violated longstanding international treaty and law by invading a country under false pretenses, they should be punished for this act and for what it has cost both America and the rest of the world.

That said, I hardly expect us to be up to the task. As Naomi Wolf reports in the Huffington Post, our free society is the frog being slowly boiled. We don’t even hear half the news about our own policies. What are you prepared to do when your government arrests judges or declares an “emergency” and hands power over all branches of the federal government to the president? Not sure? I’m not sure either. And there is the danger of our present moment.

This presidential election cannot come a moment too soon. I pray every day for Obama’s safety. I pray that we will get to election day without an “emergency” interrupting our democratic process. The battle of our age is between fundamentalists and those with open minds, and the fundamentalists are in control. They won’t give up easily, I fear.

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