Ich liebe dich

/ 23 April 2008

Twenty years ago today Mary and I shared our vows with a few hundred friends. This is how we shared those words in 1988.

We cherish this opportunity to see God’s web become visible among us. We know that for many people, especially our gay and lesbian friends, that opportunity rarelly, if ever, arises. We would like you to share in making this web even stronger and more visible by joining us—and joining hands—in a prayer for the people in our lives whom we love for better and for worse. Friends, family, lovers, community—all share bonds that stretch rather than break, and expand instead of explode. Please join us in this prayer with the one or ones you are committed to:

Before God and this community I promise that I will be honest with you, that I will share with you who I am and who I am becoming, that I will respect you and celebrate the ways you are different from me, that I will care for you always, that I will seek your forgiveness when we fail to live up to our shared covenant, and that I will dream with you and work with you to make those dreams come true.

I know I have failed to live up to this covenant countless times, and I thank Mary for her forgiveness and patience. I hope that many more years of dreaming together lie ahead, and I am so pleased we now get to share our lives with Alex and Nathaniel as well. Thank you, Mary. Ich liebe dich.


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