OPE is going going, OPE is overflowing

/ 11 May 2009

We used to sing a song about the OPA in Essex, CT, with Chet Bowles and crew. The OPA team that gathered there were once the young troupers of the FDR administration, and long past its heyday they remember those glory days of fighting off the Great Depression.

President Obama has just changed the White House public liaison into the Office of Public Engagement (what a nice name). This is an effort to bring the public voice into the White House, and the briefing book they have created is a nice example of how that may work. I especially like that “Get the Insurance Companies out the Health Care” is the second recommendation in the health care section.

Most encouraging to me, though, are the faces. Take a moment to flip through the staff pages of the OPE. You’ll get a glimpse of what this administration looks like once you get past the big names. Young, diverse, excited. They look fired up and ready to go!


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