Fun for geeks

/ 15 May 2009

Ah well, I was not sure which movie to watch this evening, but Stephen Wolfram may have solved my dilemma. At 7pm central time the team at Wolfram will begin a live webcast of the process they go through to “throw the switch” and bring WolframAlpha online.

Watch live as 150 staff bring over 10,000 CPUs up to service thousands of queries. Will it melt down? Will the thunderstorms predicted for this evening throw a power outage into the mix? Can kakis and button down shirts outdraw black turtleneck and jeans on a webcast?

Gotta say: team Wolfram knows how to hype its product!

If you don’t know what WolframAlpha is about, make sure to peek at the screencast introduction.

UPDATE: It looks like is (more or less) up and running, give it a try!

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